Monday, 7 January 2013

The Kaspersky Pure front-end looks simple, but there's a large range of options hidden beneath
There's enough stats and settings on offer to satisfy the technically curious.
The malware protection module is identical to that of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.
Kaspersky's idea of

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The Kaspersky Pure front-end looks simple, but there's a large range of options hidden beneath Gallery

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4 stars out of 6

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5 stars out of 6

Value for Money
4 stars out of 6

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4 stars out of 6


Kaspersky Pure is a new all-in-one package from the Russian anti-malware veterans, combining security with backup, parental control and tune-up modules. At first glance it looks like an attempt to hop on the Norton 360 bandwagon, but as the seemingly clean front-end opens up into a rabbit's warren of subpanes showing statistics and configuration options, you realise it's a more complex, less novice-friendly beast.

The practical emphasis is different too. While there's no online storage for the backup module, Pure expresses a greater concern for privacy. In addition to the expected password manager, there's a virtual keyboard designed to defeat keyloggers, a file shredder and a new 128-bit AES encryption client.

It's worth noting that Kaspersky's idea of "tune-up" isn't the usual registry-cleaning voodoo. Rather, it's a security and privacy audit, which suggests changes such as wiping system logs, setting Windows Explorer to show file extensions (to prevent file-type spoofing), and setting your browser to empty potentially confidential data from its cache when closed. It's a one-off diagnostic, really, but more worthwhile than the throwaway wizards bundled with 360.

Parental controls follow a familiar model. You can prevent specified users from accessing certain categories of website, and ban or time-restrict specific applications (or, indeed, the entire computer). In truth, there's very little here that Windows 7 can't do, with the free Windows Live Family Safety tool, but one nice touch is the ability to prevent users from downloading files of certain types. 

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