Monday, 9 December 2013

JNTU-KAKINADA : New Instructions from JNTUK University for All the students writing End Exams.

Instructions to the Candidate

1) Check the particulars printed in the PART - II of the Answer Booklet cover page if any discrepancies are found in Name, Hall Ticket Number, Subject Code, Exam Month-year and Exam Date, Please inform to the Chief Superintendent or invigilator for change of Answer Booklet.

2) Check and ensure that the answer booklet has all the 32 pages intact with this instructions sheet stitched on top. in case of defective answer booklet, request the Chief Superintendent or invigilator for change of Answer Booklet.

3) Use only black ball point pen for answering the questions. (Do not use blue pen, pencil, gel pen or sketch pen. Do not use correction fluid).

4) In Part - II overleaf, Sign in the box provided and write the question paper set number legibly in the space provided.

5) Fill the particulars (A, B and C) in Part - I overleaf.
(A) Neatly bubble the question paper set number.
(B) Write the starting page number of answers in the space provided against the questions you have answered
(C) Write the page number of the last written page legibly in the space provided.

6) You are prohibited from writing on or tampering the barcodes on the answer booklet top page as it may effect proper valuation and award of marks. Further necessary action will be taken leading to the cancellation of your examination. Answer scripts with tampered bar codes will not be valued.

7) Write the question number in the two boxes provided on the left margin at the start of each answer Example: 1 a

8) If you make any mistake while writing the question number, strike off the wrong question number and write the correct question number in the boxes immediately below. Avoid correcting the question number by over writing.

9) Do not write in the margins and out side the border of the answer booklet pages.

10) Write your answers neatly and legibly with in the lines provided in each page. It is not necessary to begin each answer on the new page.

11) Leave at least two lines space between answers and also draw a horizontal line to separate the answers.

12) No additional sheet will be provided.

13) Strikeout any work that you do not want to be valued. Do not tear out any part of this answer booklet.

14) Candidates are prohibited from :
(i) Writing their H.T.Nos. in any part of the Answer Booklet
(ii) Writing their names in any part of the Answer Booklet
(iii) Addressing the examiner in any manner whatsoever in the answer booklet
(iv) Writing religious symbols
(v) Bringing Cell / Mobile Phones to the examination hall, if they do so, their answers books will not be valued.

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