Monday, 7 January 2013

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Google Earth Pro is an incredible mapping application that will allow you to fly through a global database of Earth imagery and detailed mapping information. This program allows you to take a 7-day trip to any area on Earth, including many high-resolution cities in the United States, and some select cities abroad. With this program you will be able to see streets, cities, monuments ant "travel" from one city to another in a few seconds, and much more. Among the new features, Google Earth Pro allows users to see GPS data from GPS devices or in file formats such as .gpx or .loc, it includes new functions such as "draw a path" o "draw a polygon" and allows you to "geocode" street addresses by importing a .csv format file. Moreover, it features broader capabilities than Earth Plus for importing spreadsheet data and for printing in a higher resolution. It also adds the ability to measure areas and can be extended with a variety of optional modules, such as the "movie making" module. Major US cities have 3D building models. These aren't turned on by default, and they look a little like matchboxes, since they're not detailed recreations. With this version you can also explore the sky, export high-resolution images and use them in documents, presentations and the web. Google Earth Pro is only recommendable for professional and commercial purposes.

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